Age of Wonders 4 Pre-order and Release Campaign

Age of Wonders 4 Pre-order and Release Campaign

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We were proud to continue our long partnership with Paradox Interactive to produce the global pre-order and launch campaign material for Age of Wonders 4. Just like the game, this campaign was epic in scale. By the time our team had finished we had created over 300 individual assets, reaching millions of players globally in just about every online format you can imagine.


Video ad suites

Video display banner suites

Network takeovers

In-console units

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Anticipation from the fans was huge

Age of Wonders 4 is the latest edition of the long running 4X strategy series. The game saw the franchise return to its fantasy origins - following Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s sci-fi setting - for the first time since 2014. Anticipation from the fans was huge and it was vital that our work fuelled their passion rather than dampen it - no one wants to see fans disappointed!

This was a varied campaign that would utilise both our video editing and static image design skills. With a huge number of assets required we rolled up our sleeves and got cracking.

Video Ad Suite

Our videos needed to highlight Age of Wonders 4’s core features in a way that would make the audience stop what they were doing and take notice. Our team used their years of experience to skillfully blend a mix of gameplay capture, influencer events and cinematics to deliver a series of videos that would bury their way into every strategy fan’s consciousness - whether they were watching on streaming platforms or social media.

Video display banner suites

This was an artworking job akin to leading your own empire: 30 different ratios and every unit had to look consistently great wherever they appeared - streaming platforms, websites, apps, the lot. Our team worked diligently to make sure that each unit respected safe zones and met IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standards.

Network takeovers

When your creative work is set to appear on the world’s biggest games media websites - IGN, Future, ReedPop and more - you have to get it right. Good job our team’s experience with this ad format is unrivalled. We produced 8 eye-catching takeovers with a consistent aesthetic that covered the globe.

In-console units

Age of Wonders was hitting consoles for just the second time and we needed to grab those players by their cloaks and whisk them off to a magical realm. Our creative units appeared on the Xbox and PlayStation stores as well as the home screens of both consoles. We even localised the units for use in Germany. Exzellent!

Sorry. Here are the stats:

  • 250,000 copies sold in its first four days. Source: Game World Observer.
  • Fastest selling game in the series. Source: PC Gamer.
  • Reached no.2 in the Steam charts. Source: PC Games Insider.
  • 83 Metacritic rating - second highest in the series.
  • “Very Positive” user rating on Steam from more than 5,000 reviews.

“"This is undoubtedly the best 4X game I’ve played in years”. Source: PCGamesN.

"Portal's expertise, creativity, and professionalism have been instrumental in our success." 

Hampus Erlandsson
Head of Digital Marketing

Age of Wonder-ful

A magical success, our congratulations to the Paradox and Triumph Studios teams - we were delighted to join them on this epic journey.

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