Dobble - OOH & Social Campaign Assets

Dobble - OOH & Social Campaign Assets

In short

Dobble is a worldwide phenomenon. Since its release in 2009, the symbol-matching card game has sold millions of copies globally and ranked as the UK’s best-selling game on two occasions. It’s a breeze to pick up, and its lightning-fast playtime makes it the perfect game for families and parties. So, we snapped up the chance when Generation Media asked us to partner with Dobble’s publisher, Asmodee, on a campaign encompassing both out-of-home and digital advertising.


Out-of-home ads

Digital ads for social media

Age Rating

Pegi 18

Festive spirit

As a creative team, there’s something special about out-of-home advertising. Seeing your work out in the world in a tangible format is exciting. It’s extra special when you’re producing assets to appear at something fun like a Christmas market, as was the case with the Dobble project. 

Taking static artwork provided by Asmodee, our team made expert use of motion graphics to create eye-catching ads for key placements at the world’s largest authentic German Christmas market outside Germany and Austria - Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market.

Going digital

The scale of the Christmas-themed event meant that thousands of happy shoppers viewed our work. Asmodee were thrilled with the results, leading them to extend the campaign to the online world with a suite of digital ads to appear on social media channels.

These ads retained the Christmas vibe, our designers creating scenes that showed off Dobble as the perfect gift to be played during the festive period. The game’s compact size means it’s an ideal stocking filler, a point we highlighted in our work.

We produced and sound-designed the music for the ads, sourcing the piece and adding upbeat effects to round off the seasonal package.

Play your cards right

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