Lords of the Fallen - Pre-Order & Launch Assets

Lords of the Fallen - Pre-Order & Launch Assets

In short

Lords of the Fallen is an ambitious RPG developed by Hexworks and published by CI Games. It’s the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the 2014 game of the same name, which sold well over three million copies. Ahead of LotF’s release, we were delighted to partner with CI Games via our ongoing relationship with the Generation Media team. Working to a tight deadline, our team produced a vast suite of display banners containing thousands of individual assets. Let’s dive into the detail.


IAB display banners

Xbox in-console banners

PlayStation in-console banners

Samsung in-platform banners

Age Rating

Pegi 18

Asset management

LotF’s release date was rapidly approaching, and the CI Games team were looking for high-quality assets across multiple platforms to ramp up the pre-release hype. These requirements included IAB display banners for placement on the web, banners to appear in console dashboards - Xbox and PlayStation - and on Samsung televisions. These premium advertising positions attract millions of eyeballs, and we had to be at the top of our game to create the high-quality assets they deserve.

In addition, every single unit had to be localised for different territories, including France, Germany, China and Japan. This requirement created an added pressure for our team. If one error crept into our assets, it would mean having to re-render thousands of units - many hours of work - as deadline day loomed.

Right first time

This project tested many of our team’s skills. Attention to detail and time management were both vital in order to produce work on time and to the high standard that the CI team rightly demanded. Organisation and delivery management skills were also high on the list, which is natural when handling a huge number of individual files.

Finally, our communication skills had to be on point. There’s very little wiggle room available when you’re up against a tight deadline. Ensuring that we understood the remit and then feeding back to the CI team clearly and efficiently was crucial to the success of this project.

Hot cakes

Lords of the Fallen enjoyed a terrific launch, selling 1m copies in its first 10 days. To cement this success, the CI team announced a sale towards the end of November on Steam and the PlayStation Store. Quick to respond, our team created IAB display banners promoting the sale on both digital storefronts.

Attention to detail was again the order of the day as this suite of banners needed to be produced in 12 different formats and localised for 10 international regions. In total, the suite came to a hulking 240 individual units.

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