The Lamplighters League Announcement campaign

The Lamplighters League Announcement campaign

In short

We were thrilled when our long-time partners Paradox Interactive got in touch to ask us to collaborate on the announcement campaign for their new turn-based strategy game The Lamplighters League.


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A new game and a new challenge

It was especially exciting for us as the game is both a new IP for PDX and one that sits outside the grand strategy genre that the team are renowned for. Lamplighters League features turn-based combat in that classic XCOM style - along with multiple characters all with their own unique abilities, roles and traits. 

For these reasons it was important that the marketing materials that we created told an engaging story to the audience. We needed to get potential players excited about the game - players that may be more used to PDX’s grand strategy titles. We also had to convey a lot of information about the game to an audience that was learning about it for the first time. How best to do that?

Ace up the sleeve

We got our creative juices flowing and came up with an innovation that ticked all of the above boxes - character cards. We created these Top Trumps style cards for each character in the game. At a glance, viewers would be able to discover a character’s name, their class and their abilities. 

A short sentence summed up their backgrounds and a difficulty star rating let the audience know the learning curve that players would experience when using them in-game. 

Our design reflected Lamplighters League’s gorgeous art style - one that perfectly captures the look and feel of classic 1930’s gangster movies. Animated touches including smoke rising from guns and bullet holes appearing in the cards, rounded off the look.

The response

Our character cards were a big hit with the PDX team, the dev team - Harebrained Schemes - and the audience. Not only were the cards used within our advertising materials they also found their way onto the game’s official website and social media channels. 

The Lamplighters League is set for release later in 2023 and excitement for the game is building. In their preview, Rock, Paper, Shotgun described it as “a hot GOTY contender.” We’re chuffed to have been able to flex our creative muscles and play a part in driving anticipation for a new IP that looks like it’s going to make waves on release.

A different league

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