theHunter: Call of the Wild - Emerald Coast Pre-Order and Release Campaign

theHunter: Call of the Wild - Emerald Coast Pre-Order and Release Campaign

In short

theHunter: Call of the Wild is the best of the best when it comes to hunting games. In the six years since its release in 2017, the game has amassed an astonishing 110,000+ user reviews on Steam along with a “Very Positive” user rating. So, when Avalanche Studios came knocking and asked us to work with them on the game’s ongoing marketing efforts - we leapt (or should that be pounced?) at the chance.


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Video display banner suites

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In-console units

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Game-changing emails

theHunter is regularly updated with new expansions - known as hunting reserves - and it was with the release of the Revontuli Coast reserve in 2022 that we first got started, before moving on most recently to Emerald Coast, the game’s latest reserve, set in Australia.

By this time the game had established a large community of dedicated players, all eager to be kept up to date with new content releases. Reaching this audience via email is an important strand of Avalanche’s marketing plan for theHunter. And so, a refresh of their email marketing templates was high on their agenda when we came on board.

Our team got to work designing and building all new templates that would be accessible and easy for the Avalanche team to update for use in all future campaigns. We made sure that the emails would look great no matter which provider - Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail etc - the recipients were using. We also took the time to ensure that they looked just as stunning whether viewed on desktop or mobile.

Video ad suites

Our involvement with theHunter didn’t end with the email marketing templates. Avalanche also needed a suite of videos to run across social media platforms and in various other locations on the web. We got cracking and produced a range of engaging videos of different lengths including 30, 15 and six seconds. All videos needed to be supplied in a range of ratios too - 16:9, 1:1, 4:5 and 9:16 for TikTok. This meant that the videos could be run on all platforms and ensured that engagement metrics were at their highest.

Display banners

Display advertising is the cornerstone of many marketing campaigns and theHunter was no exception. Although popular, there’s a skill to creating banners that catch the eye and engage viewers. Our team are masters of this format and produced a huge suite of over 30 animated display banners, all localised for different territories. The team used Bannerflow, along with custom HTML5 units built in-house to create the suite of ads. 

Custom key art

Key art is arguably the single most important piece of artwork when it comes to a game’s marketing. It’s the image that draws people in, tells them a story about what your game is and encourages them to buy it. Getting key art right is vital for driving sales. So, we were delighted to take on the responsibility of producing custom key art for all of theHunter’s recent reserve content.

Our team designed stunning artwork that was accessible for both internal and external use. We also ensured that it looked great across all required ratios and multiple online platforms. We made sure that the key art contained core features of the game that would resonate with its community and capture their interest.

In-console units

Our in-console ads were hugely successful too, as proven by the A/B tests undertaken with content provided by our client, Ignacio Varas from Expansive Worlds.

“It was our best performing campaign… huge success”.

Ignacio Varas

Performance Marketing Manager at Avalanche 

Savanna a good time

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